Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Talk about the merit of an Artist talk I should not talk about any of this down but my system requires it. My system of living requires being suspicious of any system no matter what kind and no matter what the labels are like institution, artist or installation. I am an open source system which is constantly updated, is not afraid of imperfections and expansion. I am also generous with the delete button. Freedom sounds already too much like Kingdom like something that is predefined already and almost certainly by others. My system job is always overriding its older version. I am or am I like a computer? No and yes are the only proper answer because if I chose one or the other I accept limitation, accept the system. So do I have a system? No and yes depending on any decision in that moment when I observe the question. I am like the potential that can be either or both or none of the above. Artists? Who is an artist and am I an artist? No, no and no. First nobody is an artist everybody is just a label someone assigned to you or is assigned by one’s self. Making sense does not always require to make sense. Am I an artist? No, first because I am not a label; secondly no because of its limited preconceived narrative; thirdly not because it’s not my job description either. I don’t have a job and I don’t work but that is a different paradigm already. If I am not an artist can I still hold an Artist Talk? Yes, yes and yes First I can assume the role that comes with the label description; secondly because I can talk. My parents spend years bribing me, coxing me, coaching me to form gutturals they seemed to be able to enjoy and understand as a code of communication. I am a perfect parrot of my parents. Thirdly I am not by any means qualified to hold an artist talk which fits the mold perfectly. All the artist talks I went to and they are numerous the artist was not qualified to hold a public talk. After all they are not trained keynote speakers neither stage fired actors nor gifted orators with full and clear voices and pronunciation. That is why I am holding this artist talk. I fit the bill and of course I want to please like most artists because no matter how much academic verbiage we cloth ourselves in at the center of every of artist beats a narcissistic heart. It’s a narcissism that wants to be satisfied in any way possible like in passive aggressive persuasion, submissive whining or damned outright hostility and even if it takes the extreme measure of an artist talk to justify it. I prefer the later one over the other which I tried and failed in to solicit enough admiration to still my cravings. This artist talk just like all others I attended too is preprogrammed to be a disaster. The only art all artists are good at is self sabotage anyway. So why not make it the core principle and put an end to the stigma and shame and lay the sucker on the table after all this installation has proven itself to be a failure so why not add salt onto the wounds. Artists are suckers and that’s why artist talks suck so badly. Common if you need to explain your art and its meaning or purpose or message you don’t have a caring audience anyway. If you did it for yourself, your resume or documentation you are living in a place called “Denial”. If you need to talk about the why your creation can’t stand on its own or even worst because you are so arrogant and think nobody understands what you are showing because humans are in your eyes “Idiots” then it’s going to be a self fulfilling proposition. You will end up excusing yourself and your failure to communicate properly as you where taught from preschool on; you will be excusing yourself for explaining yourself. My last point about artist talks is, before I go on and on and you just pretend you are listening but your gut ran already off with your head to the next burger joint, my last point is about the pointlessness of artist talks. It’s like running into the forest to get naked and expose your sorry ass and then afterwards you go to the police to file a report that you saw a naked man in the forest exposing his sorry ass. An artist talk is against everything life stands for because life needs to be experienced not to be described and the same goes for Art. Talk this over with someone you care about see the video at

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